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This is a photo of a much larger image, transferred onto Arches print paper via use of the press.

Man Standing % Waiting (Self-P0rtrait)
Man Standing % Waiting (Self-P0rtrait)
Ltd ed. Image transferred to paper.
8 x 10 Black & White


I sit alone before daybreak
in my study, at the desk,
surrounded by unfinished
writings, doodles, and clutter.

The distress of a finite life
ripples across my thoughts.
Where are the certainties of old age?
Where is the comfort of knowing,
how it all turns out?

I sit here, time moving on,
realizing I have lived a life,
made up of waiting.
For important news, for life’s
fullest embrace, for new
burdens to ease, for certainties
to arrive. Waiting.
Could it have been otherwise?
Or is waiting where all joy
and pain are meant to take place?
So here I reside, the end not yet in view,
in the gaps, just waiting.