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The Children's Hour
The Children's Hour
printing inks on paper

Oklahoma's children--our most precious asset--are getting short-changed. Its no wonder. We won't spend money on public school education Teachers are told what they can and cannot teach in the classroom; false bathroom identity issues are waved outrageously by legislators; we have pronoun bill proposals; birth certificate laws; and an executive order that treats transgender persons shamefully. We live in educational poverty and wonder why we cannot attract national corporations to come here. Our public education system runs on fumes while we debate spending taxpayer funds to subsidize the private school education of the well-to-do.

In 2021, Oklahoma ranked 49th in expenditures per child in the public classroom, and 47th in education spending. But our leadership is making sure no one gets in bathroom with a different gender than appeared on the birth certificate when born; and the same goes for sports; and the use of personal pronouns.