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I have been experimenting with alternative materials for my surfaces. I have affixed burlap, cloth and sand to a canvas surface on several pieces. Changing direction brings enthusiasm to the process. I alternative between figurative painting and non-objective abstract images. I am drawn to images that convey isolation and to the solitary figure due to my printmaking background. Printmaking--particularly--monotypes lends itself to uncluttered images. I greatly admire the figurative and "action" painters of the 1950s. Work that has a sense of energetic immediacy inspires me. Composition is usually the most important element, although in many instances, my hope is for a look of controlled carelessness. Being precise acts like a barrier for me, and as a result, I do not like an overly tidy image. I always make sure circles are not perfectly round , and rarely center the focal point of the image. Every time too much planning creeps in, the end result for me has a tendency not to look spontaneous. I try to be hasty and work fast. Music is an important part of the process I have in the studio. A piece's title is usually only enough to give the viewer a point of reference.


Don Holladay's work has appeared in solo and group shows across the state, including MainSite Contemporary Art Gallery, Norman’s Firehouse Art Center, the Depot, the University of Oklahoma Lightwell Gallery, the University of Sciences and Arts of Oklahoma (USA0), the Goddard Center, Paseo Originals Gallery and the Leslie Powell Gallery. His art is owned by numerous individuals, businesses, and organizations. It is included in the permanent collection of the University of Oklahoma and the University of Sciences and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO). He and his wife Kay reside in Norman, Oklahoma. He holds a law degree from the College of Law, University of Oklahoma.