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The Sport of Religion

“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites,
for they love to pray ………….to be seen by others.” Matt 6: 5-6

God must be a football fan,
players and coaches spend so much
time giving Him credit-- for miracle
passes, goal line fumbles, and plays
that win close games.
Now, even the Supreme Court,
has decided more is at stake,
than only the fun of sport.
The high court says God
can be invited to the team's
post-game events. The court
found nothing wrong,
following the game, with a
high school coach, gathering
his players, at midfield to
silently thank God for whatever
happened that night.
Let’s all be thankful such conspicuous
piety, involves the Christian God.
A good coach wouldn’t last long,
if he or she was Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist.
Even worse would be an
evangelizing atheist, one who suggested
at midfield that God might not exist.
What would our new Court think about that?
Would they per chance conclude that high
school sports and religion belief were never
intended to mix?

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