During the coronavirus pandemic I have been working with Arches oil paper. Recent images appear in the New Works category.

Paul Tillich once wrote about the danger of modern man losing his humanity and becoming a thing amongst the things he produces. Creating art using non-traditional materials--burlap, string, house paint, joint compound, sand, collaged photographs, gravel, clothes pins and the like--gives me a sense of resisting such fate. Tillich's philosophical statement may explain why I have trouble re-creating what I consider a successful painting. When I try to do the same image a second time, it almost never works. The spontaneity that created the original piece has disappeared.

Working with alternative materials also allows me to mentally connect with inspirational artists of the past, ones who resisted traditional methodology and chose to experiment with new materials. Alberto Burri and Jackson Pollock are two such artists. One created with burlap, the other with house paint.

Music is an important part of my studio atmosphere. A piece's title is usually only enough to give the viewer a point of reference.

The new works section includes some political art: Illegitimus Non Carborundum (Don't let the bastards get you down), Dark Money and It's Not Over.


Don Holladay has been painting since 1973. In the early 1990 he studied printmaking at the University of Oklahoma under Dan Kiacz. His studio includes an etching press and many of his images originate from the printmaking process. His work has been selected in regional and international juried competitions, and has been displayed in art publications and magazines. Shows include those at MainSite Contemporary Art Gallery, The Depot, University of Oklahoma Lightwell Gallery, the University of Sciences and Arts of Oklahoma (USA0), the Goddard Center, Paseo Originals Gallery and the Leslie Powell Gallery. His art is owned by numerous individuals, businesses, and organizations. It is included in the permanent collection of the University of Oklahoma and the University of Sciences and Arts of Oklahoma (USAO). He and his wife Kay reside in Norman, Oklahoma. He holds a law degree from the College of Law, University of Oklahoma.