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Uninterrupted Harmony
Uninterrupted Harmony
Aluminum foil and burlap on canvas
30 x 40

Many who lead us in the political arena seek votes by targeting the least able to defend themselves. In the LGBTQ+ community, transgender youth are the segment now most under attack, causing trauma and anguish to the youth and their parents. Oklahoma has taken center stage, legislatively proposing sports bills, birth certificate bills, driver license bills, pronoun bills, bathroom bills and bills making it a crime to render medical gender affirming care. The ongoing assaults are unrelenting in ostracizing the various aspects of a transgender person's life.


So God talks to you directly,
telling you those He favors,
those He distrusts, and
those He created, but then
strangely chooses to condemn?
Do you ever accuse him of being fickle?
This Voice that keeps changing Its mind?
First it was loud women, then it was Blacks,
now it's Muslims, transgender youth,
lesbians and gays, renounced by you and
your flock, on orders direct from above?
When God speaks to you privately,
does He mention false prophets, those
with their agendas of hate?
Imposters like you, who face other demons,
madmen who keep God up talking so late?