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oil on Arches Hulie paper
22 x 30 unframed

Stories can be found in art through only a title. This is a story about climate change. The same image, seen through different eyes or with a different title, can yield many possibilities.
I considered connecting the title to immigrants traveling to America, who contend with the orange floating snake barrier placed in the Rio Grande by the Texas governor. My State of Oklahoma was anxious to help out, so we sent Oklahoma National Guard troops to guard America's Rio Grande border, a decision that undoubtedly cost a few million dollars.

Important stories cross generational lines, creating common connections within the world we inhabit.

"Most of the victims of climate change are not yet born. They will be the descendants of those who even now are almost invisible, living on the edge of survival, on the margins of the world."
Prof. Dale Jamieson, NYU