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Our family farm creates seasonal shows that are rarely seen by humans. Weather is a huge part of the spectacular events. One show that can be seen is the changing of the cleared fields, as they transform themselves from planting time, to harvest time, to the hibernation of winter.

oil on Arches oil paper
22 x 30

As the essay "A Creek Called Grindstone" spells out, many of my images and titles have inspiration grounded in the family farm in the foothills of the Arbuckles. This is one of those where the title points the viewer in that direction. Ironically, growing-up, it was my brother that spent far more time there than me. He has offered me stories about the farm that I hear for the first time.
The importance of personal storytelling by each generation is an important part of living. I recall once watching a PBS show that featured a crane that discovered a new way to hunt fish. But the crane was a loner, and so his technique, unknown in the crane world, was to be lost forever when he died.