Woman in the StudioWoman at the TempleSeafarer's Wife/Waiting AgainBird Playing With StringSurprised AgainFigure on Still Winter MorningFamily GuardianThree MagiFriend or FoeWoman with Silver Toad EarringWoman StrollingReturn to TikalIsland WomanUntitledWoman Dwelling on Past SurpriseMasksPrairie Apparition DarknessStreet BeggarsTribal ChieftainAt The Edge Of The ForestThe AccusersBeach GirlReturning HomeWoman in Bathing SuitCentral Park LadyLOSTSun DanceWoman WarriorUntitledNateGood-byeUntitledUnexpected EncounterSurf FrolicUntitledTribal SageMabel and Tony
I am drawn to the solitary figure, particularly because of my printmaking background. My solitary figures usually reside in undefined surroundings. I greatly admire the figurative painters of the 1950s. The work of painters such as Nathan Oliviera, David Park and Elmer Bischoff has a sense of energetic immediacy that inspires me. Throughout my adult life, I have always seemed to have an interest in mythology, masks and ritural. Our home is filled with a collection of masks. Much of my figurative work has a mask-like resemblance.